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GENESIS-SERIES Automated PVD Target to Backing Tube Indium Bonding System

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ABT's patent-pending GENESIS series of Automated PVD Backing Tube-to-Target Indium Bonding Systems allows for multiple targets and backing tube sizes. 

​​Benefits of our systems include:

  • Improved Quality 

  • Extends Target Life

  • Increase Product Yield

  • Reduced Overfill & Spillage

  • Improved Thru-put 

  • 64 Automated Bonded Targets per 8 Hour Shift vs 2 Manually Bonded Targets per 8 Hour Shift

  • Reduced OSHA Issues

  • Reduced Labor Costs​

  • Drastically Increased Profit Margins

For more information please call: 1.602.314.7717

Introducing Our New Tabletop System

Automated Bonding Technology- ABT is proud to announce, a new tabletop version that is semi-automated. The GENESIS-500 ™ is the newest system in our MTB-Series of automated tools that has the capacity to bond up to 1-Meter long targets and approximately 40 assemblies. 

Filling Performance:

  Industry's best coverage,  fastest bond  time, with no overfill

Mandrel—Target Assembly Sizes:

 Customizable target sizes ranging from

850 mm to 3,852 mm in length and 76.2 mm to 152.4 mm

Mandrel–Target Thru-put:

  31 Units per 7 Hour Shift/1000 mm (Mandrel Length Dependent)


Control System: Touch Screen

Software: Unix Based

Diagnostics: Guided Troubleshooting

Communication: RS 485

Physical Dimensions:

Size: Customer size dependent

Weight: 1,800 lbs


Electrical: 220 V, 3 Phase, 50 A.

Exhaust: 5 -15 psi

Operating Environment: Min 70 F°

Gases: N2, 3-15 psi